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Benti Properties
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byDonna kinsey onBenti Properties

I had the pleasure of dealing with Miguel Maria on an issue not relating to real estate sales. I reached out to Mr. Maria to assist me in resolving an issue relating to another management company. Mr. Maria was quick to respond to my request for assistance and it was by his involvement that the matter was resolved quickly and professionally. Mr. Maria is well-versed in his filed and I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

byOktavian Dan onBenti Properties
Multifamily Seller

The positive experience of selling our multi-family building to Miguel Maria. We were building impressed with Miguel Maria the first time we met him. His appearance was very professional and easy going. Throughout the process, Miguel exhibited a strong willingness to close the deal and a very friendly, trustworthy attitude.

We look Forward on doing more Business with Miguel

byLuis Di Lauro onBenti Properties

I definitely recommend Miguel Maria to any client or investor interested on buying/selling real estate and definitely a great addition to any real estate team and the agent you at to have on your side of table at the time of negotiations.

byJose Hernandez onBenti Properties

I have known and work with Miguel Maria for over seven years. He was introduced to me by a log time friend from high school who spoke highly of him as a real estate investor and a Realtor. Since then I have partnered with him and his team and his team and successfully purchase, rehabbed and sold over 20 properties where he has been instrumental in finding great deals, managing estimates from contractors, paying them managing the properties until sold and even sometimes take care of the closings himself.

He oversees and supervises every project and really goes above and beyond on taking care of not only providing a superior product than the competition but also taking care of every property always working on getting the best return.

Not Only I look forward on continuing doing business with Miguel and his team, but I plan to expand my real estate investing portfolio with his help and Knowledge. His dedication, honesty, and ethics are key factors to his success in the real estate industry and key for the success of my real estate investing business.

byElbert Prado onBenti Properties

It is with Pleasure that I would like to introduce Miguel Maria, now working for Mack realty, as a long time real estate business professional. I have Known Miguel forever seven years and during this period of time, we have successfully executed more the fifteen property transactions that have been very beneficial for my company M&EP Investments.

With Miguel’s advice, support, and management I as owner of M&EP Investment, have increased the market valve of my property portfolio by over 40% which has largely contributed to my company achieving a steady income yielding over 11% based on acquisition value.

Miguel’s Knowledge spans beyond just buying and selling real estate. His broader Knowledge in valuations, property management, assets improvement and contacts with related industry partners are the essential attributes that make attributes that make him a very successful real estate professional.

byDaniel Trisi onBenti Properties
Private Lender

I know Miguel Maria due to a colleague, who referred him as a real estate appraiser for a loan I was doing for a client.

When we started talking, he mentioned that he uses his real estate knowledge as an appraiser and a broker to invest in real estate, buying properties for cash flow and flips depending on the deal.

I can say, I have worked with Miguel Maria in numerous occasions over the past few years, even before meeting him personally since I live out of the United States and I have only talked to him over the phone until a few months ago. Since the beginning, he has been very trustworthy, always making his loan payments on time and the ones for the clients he manages.

He knows his numbers, his projections, he takes every precaution in order to make me (the lender) feel comfortable and secure. It has been a great strategic partnership where we both benefited from his purchase decisions, by allowing him to buy more properties I profit on collecting mortgage loan payments and keeping my invested funds producing income.

I have worked in the real estate market in California and Florida for over twenty years, I had dealt with a great number of investors and real estate agents, which is why I consider Miguel as one the most professional and responsible investor and real estate agent I have done business with.

byRick Ditas onBenti Properties

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I share comments and experience in real estate investing with Miguel Maria. As a state certified residential appraiser myself I can say that he knows the Business. When I met Miguel he seems to enjoy talking about real estate, not because it is his job but because he is passionate about what he does. The presented me the opportunity to invest by what is commonly knows as “Flipping Houses” and it has been a success for me producing, I have been able to add additional income for me and my family without taking time away from my appraisal business.

I have been able to partner with him in more than 10 transactions grossing over $200,00 in profits over the past years. he has also managed over $2,000,000 worth of real estate and more than $500,000 of rehab budget.

Miguel not only takes care of the projects but he also supervises and hires appropriate contractors in order to complete the projects withim a specified time and withim budget. He also markets the properties and sells the properties sometimes even before the hit market which shows how successful he is in selling and delivering what he promised to the buyers. Even though competition in this industry is tough he manages to find deals and selling them for good profit allowing me to have an additional income without much supervision or time on my part other than reviewing market data to compare notes.

With Miguel’ s help, I have been able to obtain an addtional income while focusing on my business, I continue to invest with him in the near future and I don’t see only reasons to slow

byDiana Marcela Satizabal onBenti Properties

The business relationship that I have held with Miguel W. Maria and Mack Realty for over 8 years. I am a mortgage professional and I have had the pleasure working together with Miguel W. Maria and he has always been very professional, responsive and caring of his clients. He has always been a key partner in closing the transactions as he is a team player and always helps me with requirements, documents, and anything needed to make the transaction happen.

Furthermore, I have handled his personal loans and because of his excellent credit and financial stability, we have successfully closed all of the loans that he has applied for. I can surely say that doing business with Miguel is a delight and I am personally honored that he has given me the opportunity to work with him and his team. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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