702 S 17TH Ave. Hollywood FL 33020

Property type:Multi-Family


The services of Benti Properties were instrumental in the acquisition of the building for our partners who have completed the renovations and rehabilitation of the building consisting of eight, one bedroom, one bathroom units. The building which is located East of Federal Hwy and South of Hollywood Blvd, is in a prime location within the City of Hollywood which is going through a gentrification process featuring lots of nightlife, nearby restaurants, new jobs, as well as new high rises coming to the area.

Building is now 100% occupied and collecting close to 40% higher rents than when the property was acquired in the summer of 2016, making it a great investment for our partners, and an improved building for the community and its neighbors.

Purchase price Renovation Cost Time Status
$740,000.00 $250,000.00 18 Months Refinanced

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